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Launching eBuddy Lite on Your Mobile Device
eBuddy Lite
Courtesy, eBuddy.com
In order to login to the eBuddy Lite mobile messenger, users must first access the service using their web browser on their mobile device. Unlike the three other varieties of eBuddy mobile IM clients, eBuddy Lite is a web-based mobile messenger available without a download.

Starting eBuddy Lite
To begin using the mobile service:

  • Launch your mobile web browser.
  • Navigate to the eBuddy Lite website, at http://www.m.ebuddy.com.
  • Select an IM account to login to, as illustrated above.

eBuddy Lite features IM protocol support for:

  • AIM
  • Facebook Chat
  • Gtalk
  • Hyves
  • ICQ
  • MSN/Windows Live Messenger
  • MySpaceIM, and
  • Yahoo Messenger
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