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Choose Your Delivery Method
Preview Your Wrapp Gift Before Sending
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Unlike Wrapp users on Android, iPhone or iPod Touch app users have the ability to designate one of three separate delivery methods for their gifts. Users can select email, iMessage and Facebook Wall delivery for their Wrapp gifts by clicking on the appropriate option and following the prompts.

How to Deliver a Wrapp Gift by iMessage
For users of Mac's native instant messaging application (formerly iChat), click the "Message" icon, as illustrated above. Click the text field at the top of the next screen to select a contact, and edit the text in the text field provided. Click the blue "Send" button to send the gift.

How to Email a Wrapp Gift
Click the "Email" button to open an email with the information about your gift. Add a recipient in the "To" field, edit the text as you see fit, and click the yellow "Send" button in the upper right corner to send the gift.

How to Post a Wrapp Gift to Facebook
Check out the preview at the bottom of the screen. If everything looks good, simply click the yellow "Next" button in the upper right corner to post your gift to your friend's Facebook Wall.

How to Use Wrapp for iPhone App

  1. Download Wrapp for iPhone
  2. Sign In to Wrapp with Facebook
  3. Share Your Location with Wrapp
  4. Enable Notifications on Wrapp
  5. Send a Wrapp Gift to Suggested Friends
  6. Select Your Gift Cards
  7. Add a Gift Note
  8. Choose Your Delivery Method
  9. Your Wrapp Gift Has Been Sent
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