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How to Chat on GROWLr


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Open and View GROWLr Profiles
GROWLr profile
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As you browse through GROWLr profiles from members in your area or across the country, you may come across someone you wish to converse with on the popular gay app. However, before you can chat, you must first open and view the user's profile.

Browse through the app to find new GROWLr friends in your town or network wide, and then click on a user's image to open the profile.

To begin chatting with a user, click the brown "Chat" button in the upper right corner, and an instant messaging window will appear.

What You'll Find on a GROWLr Profile
The standard profile will include:

  • Photos
  • Location
  • What They're Looking For
  • An 'About Me' Section, and
  • Biographical and Demographic Information

Need Help with Your Own Profile? Learn how to create a GROWLr profile manually or with Facebook Setup.

How to Chat on GROWLr

  1. Open and View GROWLr Profiles
  2. Send Instant Messages on GROWLr
  3. Send Photos, Audio Messages on GROWLr
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