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How to Download Kik for Android Devices


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Before you can message friends with Kik, you must download the app to your Android device. Kik is an instant messaging app for mobile users that allows you to chat with other friends with the app installed to their device. In addition to sending and receiving IMs, users can also share photos, send YouTube videos, sketch and send images, search and forward images and Internet memes, and more.

How to Download Kik on Android Devices
Ready to install the app? Follow these easy steps to get started with your download:

  1. Open your Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Click and search for "Kik" in the Play Store.
  3. Select the corresponding app.
  4. Click the green "Install" button.
  5. Accept the app permissions, if prompted, by pressing "Accept."
  6. Open the app when installation is complete.

Kik System Requirements for Android
Before you download Kik, ensure that your Android device supports this app or you will not be able to send messages with friends. Your phone or device must have:

  • Android 2.2 and Up
  • 3.5MB Free Space
  • WiFi Internet Access or Data Plan

How to Get Started on Kik for Android

  1. Download Kik to Your Android Device
  2. Accept the Kik Terms of Service
  3. Create a Free Kik Account -or-
  4. How to Sign In to Kik with Your Existing Account
  5. Find Friends on Kik
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