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How to Sign Out of Badoo
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As with most apps, there will be instances where you must sign out of Badoo on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, finding this option is a little difficult for the beginner. Here's how to log out of Badoo and prevent receiving messages until you log in once again:
  • Click the "Profile" icon from the home screen.
  • Scroll to and click "Account."
  • Click the silver "Sign out" button to continue.

These instructions are the same whether you used a Badoo account or Facebook authentication to log in to the app.

Why Can't I Sign Out of Badoo?
If you have never signed out of Badoo before, the above instructions will yield an extra two steps. When you click "Account," you will be prompted to send an email to your account email address on file, where you will change your password. This password will be used for all future log ins to the app.

  • Click the blue "Get password" button to continue.
  • Check your email and follow the instructions.
  • Return to the app, re-launch the "Account" page.
  • Click the silver "Sign out" button to continue.
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