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How to Sign In to Badoo for iPhone
Download Badoo for iPhone
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From the Badoo home screen, press the "Profile" icon and a dialogue box will appear prompting users to either log in using Facebook authentication or your own Badoo account. A third option takes users to the Badoo registration form.

How to Sign In with Facebook
To log in to Badoo using Facebook authentication, click the "Use Facebook" button to continue. Your web browser will prompt you to sign in to Facebook, if you have not already signed in. A screen will appear for the Badoo app on Facebook. Locate the blue "Allow" button in the upper right corner to sign in.

How to Log in with a Badoo Account
Click the "Use Badoo Account" button to sign in with your account email and password. Click inside the user text field to enable your QWERTY touchscreen keyboard and enter your email in its entirety, followed by your password in the designated field. Click the blue "Sign In" button to continue.

If you have forgotten your Badoo account password, click the silver "Forgot password?" and follow the prompts to restore access to your chat account.

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