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Is The Slap Mobile Real?

Nickelodeon's Victorious Cast Uses Slap Mobile and You Can, Too! (Sort Of.)


Cast of Victorious on Nickelodeon
Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon/©2012 Viacom International,Inc.
For fans of Nickelodeon's Victorious, The Slap Mobile is a familiar mobile social networking client used by main character Tori Vega and a crazy cast of creative kiddos from Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school.

But, for many viewers, the question remains: Is The Slap Mobile Real?

The answer is yes, but before you grab your mobile device with the intention of signing up, be aware the site's usage is not as complex as when Tori uses it.

While The Slap website is a real quasi social network where users can sign up and favorite their picks for top Victorious show clips, pictures and other show content, there is no mobile version or app available.

You could use the site on a mobile phone, accessing it via your mobile web service. But, your version will not look or operate anything like the version you see on the show.

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