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Access the Yahoo Chat for Mac Panel
Yahoo Chat for Mac
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2010 Yahoo! Inc.
Looking for free Yahoo Chat on Mac? Whether you are looking to make new friends on Yahoo! Messenger for Mac or all your friends are offline, Yahoo! users (18 years and up) have access to millions of other users in Yahoo Chat. These free, topical chat rooms are available to all Yahoo! Messenger users and can be a great place to meet new people.

To launch a Yahoo! Chat, first select "File" from the Yahoo! Messenger menu, and select "Join a Yahoo! Chat Room."

Need Yahoo Chat for Windows? Learn how to launch Yahoo Chat chatrooms in Windows for Yahoo! Messenger.

Learn more about Yahoo Chat from our Tips and Tricks Guide to Yahoo Chat Rooms.

Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2010 Yahoo! Inc. YAHOO! and the YAHOO! logo are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc.

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