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How to Create a Nimbuzz for Mac Account


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How to Sign in to Nimbuzz for Mac
Nimbuzz for Mac Account
Courtesy, Nimbuzz.com
Whenever you first sign in to Nimbuzz for Mac, you will see your standard buddy list window. The only exception to the way your Nimbuzz contact list will appear, however, is the display is replaced with a sign in form, complete with text fields for your Nimbuzz username, or screen name, and password.

To sign in, enter your screen name and password, then click the blue "Sign In" button.

How to Create a Nimbuzz Account
New users who do not have a free Nimbuzz username or password will need to create one before they are able to use the IM client.

To begin creating your account, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch Nimbuzz for Mac on your desktop.
  • Locate the "Create a Nimbuzz Username" link on the client window.
  • Click the link to continue.

Further instructions for creating your own Nimbuzz for Mac account can be seen in the next step. Continue: Creating Your Free Nimbuzz Account

Forget Your Nimbuzz Password?
Did you forget the password to your account? Users can click the "Forgot Password?" link to reset your password and gain access to your account. You will need to know your username and the email address attached to your Nimbuzz for Mac account.

Storing Your Nimbuzz Password

Users also have the option of checking the "Remember my password" option (underneath the password text field) to have the IM client store your password information. This option should only be enabled if you are using your own computer and you either are the only user, or you would be alright with other persons potentially accessing your Nimbuzz account.

Never enable password storage for this or any other IM client software, email service, social network or similar service if you are using a public computer (i.e., at the library, Internet cafe, school or workstation).

Setting Your Nimbuzz Availability at Login
At the bottom of the sign in form, you also have the ability to sign in as online, away, busy or invisible, allowing you to communicate your level of availability to contacts from the beginning, or appear offline completely.

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