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How to Create a Yahoo Avatar
Yahoo Avatars
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The second option for Yahoo Messenger for Mac users who wish to add an image is to create an avatar for use on your buddy list and related profiles. With a Yahoo Avatar, define a colorful, animated caricature of yourself, down to the background or the very shirt on your back!

How to Make a Yahoo Avatar
To begin, access the display image menu (as shown in step 1) and select the "Create an Avatar..." button to begin. Your web browser will launch a page. If you are not signed in to Yahoo, you may be required to enter your ID and password to begin creating your cartoon self.

How to Choose Your Face
Click the "Appearance" tab at the top of the screen (as illustrated above) to toggle between different face shapes for your avatar. Click the skin color at the top of the page, then choose your eye color by click the various colors in the palette.

How to Choose Your Hairstyle
Not digging the default hairstyle for your avatar? Click the "Hairstyles" link underneath the "Appearance" tab at the top of the screen to browse through up to nine pages of cuts for your character.

How to Choose an Outfit For Your Yahoo Avatar
They say clothes make the man (or woman), so click the "Apparel" tab when you have your face and hair selected to find the right wares for your avatar. Nearly 50 pages of outfits to choose from. Click the "Tops," "Bottoms," and "Plus Sizes" links underneath the Apparel tab to see additional options for every body shape.

Add Extras to Your Avatar
Want to score some glasses, hats, scarves, handbags, jewelry or other accessories? Click the "Extras" tab to add these options and bling out your new animated version of yourself.

Backgrounds and Branded Backdrops
Toggle between the "Backgrounds" and "Branded" tabs to see the myriad of backgrounds for your avatar, including name-brand extras from retail and entertainment sources.

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