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IM for Mac Platform

As with a bevy of other applications and services, instant messengers aren't a Windows-only club! Mac users can also join in all the IM action through our special section tailored just for them!
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Instant Messengers for OS X Lion
Having problems with your instant messenger and Mac OS X Lion? Looking for a compatible IM for the newest Apple operating system? Check out the latest reports for IM compatibility for Lion.

Meet AIM for Mac 2.0
Tired of iChat? AIM for Mac offers the same access to friends on AIM and ICQ, but with the classic AIM feel. Learn more about AIM for Mac.

Download Messages for Mac
In OS X Mountain Lion, iChat will be replaced by Messages for Mac. OS X Lion users can beta test Mac's new native instant messaging client. Learn how to download a free copy of the IM client software here.

Getting Started on Yahoo Messenger for Mac
Learn how to create a new screen name/account, sign in and sign out of Yahoo Messenger for Mac.

Add Buddy Icons to Yahoo Messenger for Mac
Decorate your instant messages with personalized images, photos and Yahoo avatars on Messenger for Mac.

Your Guide to Yahoo Messenger for Mac
Want to join Yahoo Messenger for Mac? Learn about all the features and view tutorials on how to use Yahoo Messenger for Mac.

Yahoo Messenger for Mac Availability Settings
Availability settings help tell others if you can receive instant messages, chat requests, file transfers and more, plus a few tricks.

eBuddy for iPhone, iPod and iPad
Looking for eBuddy for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices? Learn how to download your own copy of eBuddy for iPhone and other Mac devices and start chatting with friends and family in minutes.

How to Create a Nimbuzz for Mac Account
Before you can chat with friends and family on Nimbuzz for Mac, you must sign up for a free account. Learn how to set your screen name and password for the Nimbuzz for Mac service in this illustrated tutorial.

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