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IM for Business: Commercial Uses for the IM Community

While instant messaging can be a personal means of communicating, more and more businesses are harnessing the power of IM in their commerce activities. This catalog of articles and resources can help small and large businesses discover how to make IM work for their needs.
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24im Free and Premium Business IMs
Consider using 24im as your business IM client. Learn why I give 24im high marks for business IM performance for companies and organizations large and small.

6 Benefits of Business IMs
Don't see the benefits of a business IM client yet? Business IMs are helping transform companies just like yours each day for clients and employees.

Twitter for Business Guide
Interested in using Twitter for business? Learn advanced marketing tips and how to make the most of Twitter for business promotions and more.

9 Great Twitter Strategies for Businesses
Are you looking into Twitter for business? Learn 9 strategies for maximizing your businesses impact on Twitter. Find great Twitter for Business tips here!

What Businesses Could Learn from Justin Bieber on Twitter
Teen sensation Justin Bieber is one of Twitter's hottest commodities. So, what lessons can businesses take away from Justin Bieber on Twitter? Learn 3 tips for success from the Justin Bieber Twitter account.

The Best Businesses to Follow on Twitter
Are you a business on Twitter? Nominate your business for the best businesses to follow on Twitter. See submissions

IMs for Business
While there are a multitude of public IMs available, there are very few good business instant messengers (also known as enterprise IMs) on the market.

Web Conference Tools on Business IMs
Web Conference Tool – IM Clients as a Web Conference Tool Looking to find a low-cost or even free web conference solution for your business or organization? IM clients for business, known as enterprise IMs, offer a load of web conference tools to help get your meeting started anywhere in the world.

Study Challenges IM, Workplace Stigmas
While many might adopt the common belief that instant messaging slows efficiency on the jobsite, new research between Ohio State University and University of California, Irvine might soon put those ideas to rest.

Survey Reveals Most Used IMs in Business
A 2008 study by Palo Alto Networks reveals the most utilized instant messengers in 20 business enterprises. Researchers also found the proliferation of web-based IMs present at the sites analyzed.

Click and ‘Poynt’ for Restaurant Reservations
In 2009, Poynt users will be able to use their online search engine to make restaurant reservations at over 10,000 U.S. restaurants from coast to coast.

Ten Tips for Using IM for Business
Whether small or large, businesses need means of efficient communications, which instant messaging can provide, according to Microsoft.

Network World Survey: Business IM Use is Up
According to this 2005 Network World Survey, 50 percent of business owner respondents said their business uses instant messaging as a means of communication.

AIM Business Solutions
Learn more about how AOL Instant Messenger can be applied to your commerce or business activities.

Download Fuze Messenger for iPhone, iPod Touch
With the Fuze Messenger mobile enterprise IM app, stay in touch with your AIM, Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger accounts with the added security of encryption for all your sensitive business data.

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