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Spread Falsehoods During a Disaster
Shashank Tripathi (ComfortablySmug) Tweet About NYSE Flooding During Hurricane Sandy
While most people practice good Twitter etiquette, there are plenty of practices which can land you in hot water, both legally and in terms of your reputation. Crying wolf during a natural disaster is one of them, as Shashank Tripathi found out during the height of Hurricane Sandy.

Tripathi, a financial blogger for Stone Street Advisors, resigned as campaign manager for Christopher Wight's run in New York's 12th Congressional District Tuesday after confessing he had fabricated information about disaster conditions at the New York Stock Exchange, amongst others.

In addition to misleading dozens of news organizations during the storm which reported the NYSE had taken on three feet of water, Tripathi also put New Yorkers in harm's way with other false disaster declarations, Brooklyn resident Kyle Petersen said.

"I noticed his name on a number of confirmed false tweets. The info he was spreading was horrifying," Petersen responded via tweet to About.com's request for comment. "[I] personally think he should be prosecuted."

Petersen, a New York juggler and proclaimed unicycle rights activist, worked to dispel the rumors with others by contacting various news organizations, and calling Tripathi out on Twitter for this gross indiscretion.

"You should be ashamed. Also: publicly shunned & fired," wrote technical writer Douglas Moran (@dougom) in response to the tweets.

Tripathi posted an apology to his Twitter account, stating he "deeply regret any distress or harm," and sought to distance himself from Wight's campaign days before the election.

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