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IM Basics: History & Basic Information About IM

Learn more about where IM has been and where it is going in this basic library covering the history of IM, IM acronyms and language and other resources for getting started on IM.
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What is Instant Messaging?
What is instant messaging? In this article, we explore what IM entails, how they work, learn a little instant messaging history and how to start chatting with family and friends.

What is an Instant Message?
While instant messaging is the act of conversing with your favorite client, an instant message is the product. Learn more about what an instant message is and how to use it effectively to communicate with friends and family.

The 6 Types of IM Client Software
While instant messaging requires you to download or access IM client software before you can chat, first you must choose which type of IM you need. Learn about the six different categories of IM client software and which type will best meet your needs.

Beyond the Screen: How Instant Messaging Works
With millions of instant messages sent around the world each day, using your favorite IM client may seem like magic. But, beyond the screen lies a complex process making instantaneous connections with friends and family possible.

IM: A Brief History
How did IMs begin? Learn about the first IM clients on the Internet as we span more than 30 years of IM history.

IM: The Timeline
The history of IM is wide, spanning over three decades of new developments and innovations. Check out our timeline of the most common IMs, their release dates and new IM features that swept the world—-and its users—-over.

IM History -- The Founding Father of IM
Meet Mark Jenks, who history might credit for creating the first IM client and social networking experience before the Internet was even born.

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