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How to Set Availability on Google Plus Chat
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As with other instant messaging programs, Google Plus allows users to set their availability to signify whether they can send or receiving IMs. When you set your availability, a coded icon will appear next to your name on your contact's buddy lists.

A Closer Look at Availability on Google+

In this section of the tutorial, I will show you how to set your Google Plus availability on Chat. To begin, click on the "Availability" tab under the Chat search bar. A pop-up menu will appear with the following options:

  • Available: By choosing this option, you signify you are at your computer and able to send and receiving messages. The available setting is the default.

  • Busy: The busy setting should be used whenever you must step away from your desk or computer for an extended period of time. Otherwise, you might have IMs stack up and people waiting for a reply!

  • Invisible: Want to chat without people knowing you are signed in? Using this setting makes you appear as offline, leaving you free to choose who you want to chat with without interruption. You may still, however, receive messages from persons who believe you will receive it when you sign back in.

  • Sign Out: How do you sign out of Google Plus chat and disable receiving messages altogether? This is the answer. Click this to really go offline and close the buddy list. You will still be able to use Google Plus.

The availability panel also features two options, including "Chat settings" and "Help," which allows you to set the source of your webcam video and audio for chat, enable high-resolution video, enable or disable sounds when you receive a message and find additional articles and resources for using Google Plus.

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