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How to Send an IM with Google Plus
Google Plus Buddy List
Screenshot Courtesy, ©2011 Google
Next, Google Plus users will want to try sending an instant message to get the hang of the social network's embedded chat client. Click the name of any contact to open an IM window for that contact.

In Google Plus, IM windows appear in the bottom right-hand corner.

What Do Those Icons Mean in Google+?

By looking at the buddy list illustrated above, you can quickly see there are a number of icons you will see as you use the Chat feature in Google Plus. Here is a quick rundown of these icons:

  • Green Dots: The green circle icon signifies a user is available for chat.

  • Yellow Dots: Yellow circles mean the user is idle. When this occurs, IMs sent to that user may not be answered right away as they either have stepped away from the computer without setting availability to away, or have not touched Google+ in awhile.

  • Red Dots: Red circle icons signify the user is busy and should not be interrupted.

  • Gray Dots: Gray circles mean the contact is offline and cannot respond to messages.

  • Camera Icons: When you see the camera icon, it means the user has enabled their webcam and may be available for video chat in a Hangout somewhere. Camera icons which appear yellow or red carry the same meaning as the dot icons above.
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