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Welcome to the Google Plus Chat Feature
Google Plus Chat
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If Google+ (also referred to as Google Plus or G+) is to become the Facebook killer many in the blogosphere claim it will be, the developers had to make sure to included an embedded IM client similar to Facebook Chat.

Fortunately, they did, planting it in a fashion similar to chat feature in Gmail.

But, unlike Google Talk and Gmail chat, Google+ instant messages go a step further by introducing circles into the mix. Essentially acting as groups you would see on traditional IM buddy lists, the Google+ circles you create can now help you isolate the people you want to IM (or not) with relative ease.

In this illustrated tutorial, users will learn how to:

  • Sign-in to Chat
  • Use the Most Popular Chat Functions
  • Search for Friends on Chat
  • Enable Circles for Chat, and
  • Set Your Availability

Where to Find the Google+ Chat Panel

To begin sending and receiving IMs with your G+ contacts, locate the section labeled as "Chat" on the left-hand column upon signing in to your account. While most users will already be signed in, you may be required to sign in to Google Talk services. Click the "Sign in" link and enter your ID and password to continue.

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