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Changing Your OkCupid Settings
OkCupid IM
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From the settings panel in OkCupid, users can personalize the instant messaging experience on one of the most popular free dating sites. These settings include:
  • Blocking OkCupid Users: If you have any current conversations, you can block additional incoming IMs from users by clicking the appropriate option under "Block."

  • Disable/Enable IMs: Want to stop receiving IMs? Clicking "Turn Off" under "Instant Messaging" will disable the setting and prevent other users from sending you these messages. You can reverse this by clicking "Turn On" from the settings menu.

  • Disable Activity Feed: Want to stop the activity feed? Click "Turn Off" to continue, as illustrated above.

  • Change Your IM Settings: For users who have a specific type of OkCupid match in mind, clicking "IM settings" will allow users to filter IMs from users who do not fit a particular profile.

  • Open Your IM Chat Logs: OkCupid automatically saves all old IM conversations directly in your inbox. Clicking "My IM History" will show you the messages preserved for your reading pleasure.
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