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Launching the OkCupid IM Window
OkCupid IM
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After finding an online OkCupid user you wish to chat with, pressing the blue balloon icon will launch an instant message window along the bottom of your web browser screen. From this single window, users can perform a number of functions, as illustrated (clockwise) above:
  1. Screenname: Need to locate an OkCupid user's screenname? The top left corner of each IM window will always carry their profile ID.

  2. Pop Out Window: Need to minimize the web browser window for work or school? By clicking the arrow icon at the top of the IM window, you will launch a separate window specifically for your IM conversation.

  3. Block User: Want to block an OkCupid user from contacting you? Clicking this icon will prompt you to block the user from sending IMs from you in the future. This setting does not notify that user, and discreetly blocks incoming messages from them thereafter.

  4. Collapse Window: Need more space on the web browser window to view items on the OkCupid site? Collapsing the IM window helps make things more compact for easier reading.

  5. Close Window: Done with your chat? Click this icon to close the window.

  6. User Information: At a glance, the information located at the top of each window allows OkCupid users to see their match percentage, enemy percentage, the user's age, gender and sexual orientation, plus a thumbnail of their profile image.

  7. Message Field: In this area, all the messages sent and received will appear.

  8. Text Input Field: In this field, users must type their message. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard to send the message.
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