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Installing Google Talk

A Step-By-Step Guide


Welcome to our tutorial on Google Talk! This easy-to-use guide provides step-by-step directions on how to install your new IM client.

The first step to installing Google Talk is to locate the "googletalk-setup" icon after successfully downloading the application. Double-clicking the icon will start the installation process on your computer.

Accepting the Google Talk License Agreement

Before installation can begin, users must agree to the Google Talk License Agreement.

These terms outline a user's rights to the Google Talk software and outlines regulations and liabilities of the parent company. Users should read this document carefully before installing the client.

Installation Begins

Following acceptance of the Google Talk license agreement, a dialogue window will appear detailing actions taken during the installation process. Installation can take up to a few minutes.

Google Options

Once the AIM client has been successfully installed, users have the option of setting Google as their default search engine within their web browsers.

Selection of this feature is completely optional and can be declined by clicking the checked radio box next to the Google Search prompt, then clicking "finish."

Launching Google Talk

Following installation, Google Talk will launch on the desktop.

Users can access Google Talk in the future through the "start" menu, scrolling the cursor down to "all programs," and selecting "Google Talk" in the drop-down menu.

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