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Facebook Chat Problems & Solutions

How to Troubleshoot Your Facebook Chat Problems


Facebook Chat

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Let's face it: Facebook Chat has problems. Fortunately, we have solutions to some of these issues, to keep you in contact with friends and family.

As more people join the social network, the embedded Facebook Chat client is prone to have problems. Facebook revealed in 2008 users send more than 1 billion Facebook Chat messages daily.

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Top Facebook Chat Problems and Solutions

Receiving Unwanted Facebook Chat IMs
Are you receiving IMs from Facebook Chat, but would rather block all incoming messages? Using the Facebook Chat Offline feature, users can appear as offline and prevent receiving IMs while browsing the social network.

If the problem persists, use the "Report/Block This Person" link under the contact's friends list on their profile to report harassment if necessary.

Unwanted Contact from Specific Facebook Chat Users
Are specific users creating problems for you on Facebook Chat? Block individual users while allowing for others to send and receive IMs from you by creating a block list on Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat Offline Not Working
If your offline features are disabling on their own, allowing people to send you messages, this illustrated tutorial will show you how to fix the issue. However, if the Facebook Chat connection goes online and offline as you chat, you can use a desktop IM client with Facebook Chat support. See my Top 10 IM Clients for Facebook Chat for suggestions.

Cannot Open the Facebook Chat Tab
If you are clicking on the Facebook Chat tab on the social network and cannot open the window, you may need to enable Javascript to ensure proper operations. Javascript enabling is necessary to use Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat Friends List is Missing
Cannot find a group you created on your Facebook Chat friends list? Select the "Friends List" tab on the Facebook Chat window, and make sure each appropriate group is checked if you would like to view them on the Friends List.

Nobody is Available to Chat on Facebook Chat
Ensure the sliders next to each available Facebook Chat group are green, and not gray. If they are gray, click the slider to enable your Facebook Chat access.

Cannot Disable Facebook Chat Sounds
First, select the "Options" tab from the Facebook Chat window, and make sure to de-select the checkbox next to "Play Sound for New Messages." If this option is already de-selected, make sure Javascript is enabled, and re-try the first step.

Cannot Close the Facebook Chat Window
If the Facebook Chat window appears stuck in the open position, select the "Options tab" from the window, and ensure the "Keep Online Friends Window Open" option is de-selected in its appropriate checkbox.

Too Many Friends to Scroll Through on Facebook Chat
Some users with hundreds of friends may find Facebook Chat becomes difficult to use when they include images on their lists. Select the "Options" tab on the Facebook Chat window, and select "Show Only Names in Friends List" to help simplify Facebook Chat operations.

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