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What Does the 42 Facebook Emoticon Mean?

The Answer to Everything Could Be the 42 Facebook Emoticon


42 Facebook Emoticon in Chat

Screenshot/Facebook © 2010

Ever see the "42" Facebook emoticon and wonder just what it means?

As one of the newest Facebook emoticons, 42 has the potential to answer the "ultimate question of life, the universe and everything." That is, of course, if you subscribe to the notion as presented in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

42 & Hitchhiker's Guide

In Douglas Adams' famous book, a supercomputer is introduced which is said to calculate the ultimate answer to the ultimate question, which remains unknown today. After 7.5 million years of computing, the machine, also known as Deep Thought, finally spit out the answer: 42.

Facebook, in all its infinite wisdom and pop culture savvy, added the 42 Facebook emoticon to its repertoire in the summer of 2010.

How to Make the 42 Facebook Emoticon

Now that you know what the 42 Facebook emoticon means, why not share this ultimate answer with your Facebook friends? Follow these easy keyboard instructions when engaged in a Facebook Chat:
  • Hit shift and colon (:)
  • Type "42"
  • Close with another colon

Upon hitting enter, your code (:42:) will appear as the 42 Facebook emoticon.

Pretty cool, huh? (The answer: 42!)

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