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eBuddy Mobile Download Guide for Beginners

Your Guide to Choosing the Right IM App for Your Device


eBuddy Mobile Download
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With four different eBuddy Mobile downloads to choose from, you can be assured there is a instant messaging client perfect for your mobile phone or device, including the PSP, LG phones and more.

Before You Install eBuddy
But before you set out, ensure your phone can support the eBuddy Mobile download or one of 3 other mobile versions:

For Newer Phones: eBuddy Mobile Download
If you have confirmed your model cell phone or device supports app software, grab your phone and follow these 3 easy steps to install the client:

  • Launch your mobile web browser and navigate to the eBuddy Mobile website, at http://get.ebuddy.com.

  • Next, download the client as directed.
  • Finally, sign in to eBuddy Mobile.

For Older Phones: eBuddy Lite Messenger
If your phone cannot support eBuddy Mobile, users with a data plan and mobile web browser can use the eBuddy Lite Messenger without a download. To connect:

For iPhone Users: eBuddy iPhone App
Unlike other mobile users, iPhone owners (iPad and iPod, too!) can enjoy an exciting eBuddy experience all their own with the eBuddy iPhone app. To download the eBuddy Messenger for your Apple devices, visit the eBuddy Messenger app page in iTunes.

For Android Users: eBuddy for Android
Android owners can also enjoy the stellar eBuddy client with an eBuddy app created especially for them. To download the eBuddy Messenger for Android:

  • Visit the Android Market.
  • Search "eBuddy".
  • Follow the prompts and install eBuddy Messenger to your Android device.
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