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How to Use eBuddy on PC, Mac Computers

Beyond Your Mobile Device, Users Can Also Use eBuddy on PC


eBuddy on PC
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While over 100 million eBuddy Mobile downloads have already been claimed, some IM users are surprised to learn they can also use eBuddy on PC, Mac and even Linux computers.

eBuddy Web Messenger requires only a web browser and Internet connection, and allows users to keep in touch with eBuddy on PC, regardless of operating system.

Users simply sign in with their eBuddy ID, and can send and receive IMs right from the browser window.

eBuddy on PC for Beginners
Are you ready to start using eBuddy on your computer? Follow these easy steps to get started on eBuddy Web Messenger:

  1. Launch Your Web Browser
    To begin using eBuddy on PC, navigate with your web browser to the eBuddy Web Messenger site, at www.ebuddy.com.

  2. Get Your Free eBuddy ID
    From eBuddy on PC to your mobile device, the eBuddy ID can be used across all platforms and IM clients. If you haven't received your free account, sign up first before you begin.

  3. Add IM Accounts to Your eBuddy on PC
    Next, add your IM client accounts. eBuddy users can access multiple IM services all in one single client, and keep all your friends on one buddy list.

  4. Add Contacts to eBuddy Messenger.
    Next, new users can add additional contacts not yet added to your IM accounts to the eBuddy contacts list.

  5. Start Sending, Receiving eBuddy IMs
    Once you have added your IM accounts and contacts, you are now ready to start communicating with your friends, family and colleagues. Congratulations on setting up your eBuddy on PC!

Don't lose your place! Learn how to download eBuddy on PC.

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