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How to Download eBuddy on PC

False Positives for eBuddy on PC Download, But Bookmarking is a Start


Q: Dear Brandon,
How can I download eBuddy on PC so I can use it right from my desktop? I love eBuddy and would love to be able to use it on both my computer and my mobile device.
-Trista F., Madison, Wis.

A: Unfortunately, you cannot download eBuddy on PC. While there are a number of Google results which yield a false positive, you will not be able to download eBuddy for PC.

While the Brothersoft site referenced above does have an "eBuddy on PC" application, it is an eBay auction application and not the popular IM client.

Unfortunately, either by sheer accident or in an effort to trick search engines (I'd bet the latter), they have used an eBuddy Web Messenger image on their site for the eBuddy 1.0.1 download.

Alternatives to Downloading eBuddy on PC

While there is not (as of yet) an eBuddy download for PC or Mac, users can bookmark the eBuddy Web Messenger to ensure quick access to your favorite contacts.

To bookmark eBuddy on PC or Mac, follow these web browser shortkeys:

  • Chrome: Ctrl+D (Windows and Chrome OS); ⌘-D (Mac)
  • Internet Explorer: Click "Add to Favorites."
  • Firefox: Ctrl+D
  • Safari: Click "Add Bookmark" from "Bookmarks" Menu
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