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How to Video Chat on IMO Now


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Launching Your Webcam Chat on IMO Now
IMO Now Video Chat
Courtesy, imo.im
With IMO.im's new video chat service IMO Now, users can connect with friends for an impromptu webcam chat without the need to sign in to their web-based IM client. At this time, the service only supports one-on-one video chat.

How to Get Started with IMO Now
When you first log in to the service, you will see a specially created URL for your own webcam chat (as illustrated above). Each time you access the IMO Now website, a new URL will be available to share with your contact. To get connected, follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect your webcam to your PC or Mac, if you haven't already completed installation.
  2. Click the webcam icon on the bottom to enable your webcam.
  3. When prompted, allow access to your camera by clicking "Allow" from the Flash settings window which will appear.
  4. Hit copy from the URL field and paste the web address into an email, IM or social networking post to invite your friend to the conversation.

IMO Now System Requirements and Recommendations
In order to use this webcam chat service, users should have the following available on their computer:

  • Web browser
  • Internet connection (Broadband and higher recommended)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone (headset with headphones recommended)
  • Latest copy of Adobe Flash Player
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