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Badoo Sign In
Badoo Sign In
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After completing your Badoo registration, you are now ready to sign in to the chat and social network and begin meeting new dates and friends. The website has two different ways to login, including use of your free Badoo account or through Facebook authentication.

You can learn how to login with Facebook authentication here.

How to Login to Badoo
To get started, point your web browser to the website's index page (http://badoo.com), and locate the blue box as illustrated above.

  1. Enter your account email address in the first field provided.
  2. Type your password into the second field.
  3. Check the "Remember me" checkbox for easy access on future visits.
  4. Click the green "Sign me in!" button to continue.

Please note, the "Remember me" feature stores your password for the purpose of automatically logging you into the website on future visits. This is not advised if you share a computer, especially at a public location like a school or library. Your account can be compromised by other users on that computer if they visit Badoo after you, so act accordingly.

Forgot Your Badoo Password?
If you have tried to sign in and are unable to access your account, chances are you may have entered your password incorrectly or forgotten the correct password. Clicking the "Forgot your password?" link will open a new window to help you restore your account access.

  1. Enter your account email address into the first field provided.
  2. Type the CAPTCHA character string in the second field provided. If you cannot see the characters clearly, click the "See a new set of characters" link to regenerate the string.
  3. Click the blue "Get new password" button.
  4. Check your email and click the link to reset your password.
  5. Enter and re-enter your new password in the fields provided to gain access to your Badoo account.
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