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What is Badoo?

A Beginner's Guide to the Chat, Dating and Social Networking Site


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Developed for the Internet user looking to meet friends or potential dates, Badoo is quickly taking up residence among thousands of American computer screens. But, the online chat, dating and social network isn’t new across the pond in Central London’s posh community of Soho, where the service launched in November 2006.

Today, the service has over 149 million members in 180 countries. The site is free to join and use. Badoo credits can purchase and unlock additional Super Powers and features, payable by credit card, PayPal or Boku Pay by Mobile services.

Part Instant Messenger, Part Social Network

What started out as a place to chat and meet new people has shifted to something akin to a social network. Badoo now features a multitude of familiar assets, including profiles, a messages inbox, instant messaging/chat, and a photo/video album to show off your most impressive assets.

Badoo registration is free and takes less than a minute to start building your profile, whether you are using their website, or their dedicated app for iPhone and Android devices. A mobile web site also keeps you in touch, whether you decide you don't want to download an app or use an older model mobile phone.

The service also features Facebook authentication, which is somewhat easier if you wish to spend more time meeting new users and not filling out your profile.

What to Expect from Badoo

Whether you use Badoo for iPhone, Android or the website to chat, the features are virtually identical across every iteration of the service. Herein, learn about all the exciting ways you can connect with new people and how to use each feature on your computer or mobile devices.

Profile. The profile serves as your personal introduction to other users. To make the best first impression, add photos, videos and fill out each section with information about yourself to help others with similar interests find you. For iPhone and Android users, the “Profile” icon is also where you can enter you Badoo login to sign in to the service, sign off and more.

Messages. Whether you are online or off, you can receive instant messages from other members in your Messages inbox. Filter through all and unread messages, plus messages from online users who can chat with you in real time.

People Nearby. Search Badoo for new friends and potential dates with “People Nearby.” Search filters include what you’re looking for, gender, age range, and location, including the ability to define a city if you are considering meeting new people while traveling or before a move.

Encounters. Similar to “Hot or Not” ranking apps, this feature allows you to see potential new friends or romantic partners. Click “Yes” or “Maybe” if you have some interest, “No” to those you don’t. A quick, fun and easy way to browse through other users and expose yourself to what is out there.

Favorites. If you like a person’s Badoo profile as you search with the “People Nearby” feature, you can add them to your favorites list here.

Visitors. Want to see who stumbled across your own profile? The “Visitors” feature is the place to do it, and lists your most recent viewers. This is a great way to find people with similar interests, especially those who found you through the “People Nearby” feature.

You Like. Also known as “You Want to Meet” on the Badoo website, this section lists all the people you favored while playing Encounters online or on your mobile device.

Like You. Also known as “Want to Meet You” on the website, this section features all the people who voted “Yes” or “Maybe” on your profile while playing Encounters.

Mutual. This is where successful Encounters merge. If you and another member like each other after viewing your photo in the Encounters feature, you will be notified through this section. Since the feelings are mutual, there is no more guessing as to whether attraction is an issue.

Blocked. Need to prevent further interaction with someone? Block Badoo members and keep them from contacting you or seeing them in your search or Encounter time.

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