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Top Chatrooms and Webcam Chat

Chatrooms are great places to meet new friends online, but navigating virtually thousands of chatrooms and webcam chat sites can be quite a challenge. Check out my top picks for best chatrooms and webcam chats on the web, and learn how to meet new friends online.
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  2. Badoo Chat for Beginners (6)
  3. Chat for Websites (7)
  4. Top Mobile Chat Rooms (3)
  5. Yahoo Chat for Beginners (15)

How to Chat: Step-by-Step for Beginners
Meet new friends and connect with people you already know when you learn how to chat.

How Does Chat Work?
Chat rooms may seem effortless, but behind the scenes, your computer is working hard to connect you with friends from around the world.

5 Reasons Chatrooms are Better Than Dating Sites
Meeting new love interests is faster, cheaper and virtually equal in the likelihood of finding the compatible man or woman of your dreams.

How to Chat: Top 9 Common Mistakes
Learning how to chat? While Internet chat rooms can be a great place to meet new friends, there are 9 common mistakes you should avoid as you learn how to chat.

Top Video Chats for Long Distance Relationships
Erase the miles and the time constraints in your long distance relationships with these free video chat sites and services.

Best Free Chat Rooms on IM
Believe it or not, IM clients can be great sources for free chatrooms on the web. Check out these exciting chatrooms on IM and learn how to meet new friends with similar interests and more.

Rumbletalk Chat Platform
The Rumbletalk chat platform claims you can add chat to your website with relative ease. But, did it live up to the hype? Check out this review of Rumbletalk chatroom service.

Rumbletalk for Beginners Illustrated Guide
Want to add a Rumbletalk chatroom to your website or blog? Learn how in this illustrated tutorial series for beginners.

Rumbletalk Advanced Design Tools Tutorial
Want to create a Rumbletalk chatroom which matches your website colors and style? Learn how to use advanced design tools on Rumbletalk to create a chat which fits the look and feel of your website or blog.

How to Add Rumbletalk Users, Moderators
Whether you want to add a new Rumbletalk user to your chatroom or someone to help moderate the conversations happening in your rooms, the user management area is where you'll add both. Learn how to add new users to your chats with this illustrated tutorial.

How to Add Social Media Links to Rumbletalk
One of Rumbletalk's best features is the integration of Facebook and Twitter links into your chatroom, so people can share snippets of the conversation. Learn how to enable this feature on your account in this brief tutorial.

How to Use AV by AIM
Learning how to use AV by AIM private webcam chat service is easy with this illustrated user's guide. Learn about AV by AIM features and how to start chatting today.

Troubleshoot AV by AIM Problems
Having problems with AV by AIM? Learn how to troubleshoot common AV by AIM problems so you can start chatting with friends on the free webcam site.

AV by AIM for Beginners
AOL's AV by AIM webcam chat site allows users to private chat with up to three friends or family members in a single window. Learn more about AV by AIM service and how to get started today.

Top 7 Free Webcam Sites
Are you looking for free webcam sites? While you could spend hours searching the Internet for free webcam sites, I have prepared my top picks for best free webcam sites anywhere. So, connect your webcam and lets get started!

Top Chatrooms for Teenagers
A good chat room for teenagers should offer engaging, age-appropriate topics, a regular following of teen chat users and an easy-to-use format. Check out my top picks for appropriate teen chatrooms.

How to Video Chat on IMO Now
Have you seen IMO.im's new video chat service, IMO Now? Learn how to launch a webcam chat with friends using their new service in this brief illustrated tutorial.

Top Chatrooms for Moms, Parents
Looking to chat with other moms and parents? While there are thousands of free chat rooms on the Internet, these mom chats offer exciting opportunities to talk about issues in parenting and more.

Using Party Chat on Gtalk
As an IM client, Google Talk is as simple as they come. So simple, in fact, it does not contain a chat room or group chat feature like many other clients. So, a third-party developer got wise and helped launch PartyChat, which allows Google Talk users to form their own private chat rooms. The end result is an easy-to-use chat experience on Google Talk!

Launching Free Video Chat on IM
Looking to share free video chats with friends and family with your webcam? While free chat rooms are well known to many, new IM users might be surprised to find their favorite IM clients also offer free video chats, too.

Meet New Friends with ICQ Chatrooms
Looking for exciting free chatrooms? Look no further than ICQ. This illustrated tutorial will teach you how to use the dozens of free chatrooms available through the ICQ IM client, and directly on their website.

How to Access Free Meebo Chat Rooms
Meet new friends and more in free Meebo chat rooms. Meebo chat rooms offer users a great opportunity to meet new friends around the world.

Free MySpaceIM Chat Rooms
In this illustrated tutorial, learn how to access MySpaceIM chat rooms and meet fellow MySpace users.

Review: XAT Chat Offers Sophomoric Design, Lively Chat
XAT Chat is a social networking site which allows users to browse and participate in XAT chat rooms, form or join chat groups and even create your own chat rooms. Read my review of XAT Chat.

Top 12 Free Private Chatrooms
These 12 free chat rooms provide great opportunities to chat with friends and family privately. Whether you want a free private chat room with text-based chat, or free private webcam chat, these 12 exciting options have it all.

How to Use Gmail Webcam Chat
To utilize the Google Audio/Webcam Chat feature for Gmail, users must first install a small plugin to help facilitate your multimedia conversations. Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions and youll be chatting in high-quality audio and webcam video over in your Gmail inbox within minutes!

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