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A Beginner's Guide to Badoo for Android


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How to Use Badoo Messages
Badoo Messages on Android
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo
Checking for messages on Badoo Android app is simple. Press the "Messages" icon (second row, first column) from the home screen to access your inbox. The Messages inbox is where all incoming and sent messages are delivered and stored, until deleted.

How to Open a Message on Badoo
To chat with someone who has sent you an instant message, press the message. You are now able to send a response, share your location and more. Learn how to chat on Badoo here.

How to Delete a Message on Badoo
To remove a message from your inbox, press the "Menu" button on your device and then click the checkbox(es) next to the message(s) you wish to delete. Click the red "Delete" button to remove it from your inbox.

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