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All About AIM: America's Most Popular IM Program

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All About AIM: America's Most Popular IM Program
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AIM is the most widely used IM program, or client, in America with an estimated 53 million users, according to Nielsen/Netratings.

A long-standing leader in the IM market, AIM was one of the first IM programs to offer features such as photo and file sharing, audio/webcam chat and IM-to-cell phone integration.

AIM programs include AIM for Mac, for Apple users; AIM Express, a web-based IM; and AIM TXT for mobile phones. iPhone users can also download free and paid ad-free versions of AIM for iPhone.

New users can receive a screenname and download AIM 7.3 for free.

With AIM 7, users can:

How is AIM on Privacy? Learn 6 Facts About AIM's Privacy Policy

What Happened to AIM Chat?

As a result of declined usage, AOL removed AIM Chat from the AIM client, AOL.com and AIM.com in the fall of 2010. AIM Chat is still available through AOL Desktop. Learn how to use AIM Chat with AOL Desktop with our illustrated tutorial.


Broadband Internet connection is recommended for multimedia and live video chatting capabilities.

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