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AirG Rooms Management
AirG Rooms
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From the "Manage Room" link in your AirG Chat user room, operators can perform the following functions:
  • Enter Room. As described, this link will take you back to the chat room.

  • Invite User. Need to add new users? This link will help you boost your chat room audience.

  • Ban User. Disruptive or problem users can get the boot with this operator tool, banning them from your AirG Chat rooms.

  • Revoke Ban. Want to reverse a banning decision from earlier? The revoke ban tool allows operators to remove a ban from a user.

  • Add Operator. Need help with your chat rooms? This function allows operators to delegate responsibilities to other users.

  • Remove Op. Operators can also remove previously named operators from their roles, removing access to these controls from their account.

  • Delete Room. Need to delete a chat room? Follow the prompts from this link to delete your AirG chat rooms.
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