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Inside the AIM Chat Directory
AIM Chat Directory
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The AIM Chat experience always begins with the AOL chat room listings, also known as AIM Chat directory. While learning how to access the AIM Chat directory is easy, for new users, it can be confusing.

Take a look inside the AIM chat directory and learn how to use it properly (arranged numerically, counter-clockwise):

1. AIM Chat Search
Looking for a specific AIM chat room? The search function allows users to search for a chat room by name, subject or keyword. Just enter your query, and select the appropriate AIM Chat room.

2. AIM Chat Categories
AIM chat rooms are separated into 30 categories, each with a specific angle and audience. To select a category, take your mouse and scroll through the dozens of categories. To select an AIM Chat category, double-click it to view the chat rooms within.

3. AIM Chat Rooms
In this window, a menu of AIM chat rooms are available to use. Each AIM Chat category offers different chat rooms, so users should explore the hundreds of possibilities available to them on the AIM Chat directory.

4. Who's Chatting Button
Want to see who is in an AIM Chat room? With the chat room highlighted, click the Who's Chatting button to view an instant list of users inside that chat room without entering the chat room.

5. Featured Chat Rooms
AOL uses this area to feature AIM Chat rooms on the directory. To enter a recommended chat room, click the link of the appropriate AIM chat.

6. User Chat Options
Want to create your own AIM chat room? Users have the option to create a public chat room, which will be listed in the AIM chat directory, or a private chat room, which is open by invitation only.

7. User Chat Rooms
In addition to AOL People Connection chat rooms, the AIM chat directory also features user chat rooms. To navigate user chat rooms, select the tab, then browse the AIM chat categories and rooms.

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