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Advanced IM Features and Experience Enhancers


Ready to explore more about your favorite instant messenger? This section covers more advanced features and extras anyone can take advantage of to enhance their IM experience.
  1. Advanced AIM Features
  2. Advanced Facebook Chat Features
  3. Advanced Google Talk Features
  4. Advanced Yahoo! Messenger Features
  5. Experience Enhancers

Advanced AIM Features

Want to go beyond just sending and receiving instant messages on AOL Instant Messenger? Read on to discover how to personalize your experience and engage your Buddies with these great features.

Advanced Facebook Chat Features

Ready to explore the fascinating world of Facebook Chat? Learn more about advanced control to help personalize the user experience.

Advanced Google Talk Features

Once you've used Google Talk for awhile, new and veteran users will want to use this handy guide to all the advanced features Google has to offer its uses.

Advanced Yahoo! Messenger Features

After acquainting yourself with the basic functions of Yahoo! Messenger, you'll want to learn some new tricks. These advanced features will help build the experience of Yahoo! at home or work.

Experience Enhancers

Did you know IM is more than just a great way to send messages to friends and family? Now, you can take advantage of videos, music, news and organizational tools all through IM. Learn how to enhance the IM end-user experience with these plugins, add-ons and other IM extras.

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