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How to Edit Your Facebook Chat Options


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Your Facebook Options
How to Edit Your Facebook Chat Options
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Upon clicking on the “Settings” tab from the Facebook Chat application window, users will have the ability to change their setting preferences by checking options (to turn them on) or unchecking options (to turn them off).

Here are some of the items you can change in the Facebook Chat Settings Menu:

  • Mini-feeds: In Facebook Chat, status messages and items that regularly appear on your Facebook feed on the main page (such as when contacts add new contacts, etc.) will pop up in a chat if the contact you are talking to does anything that would regularly appear on the feed. Sometimes these mini-feeds will clog the chat or otherwise distract from the conversation.

  • Chat Sounds: The first time you use Facebook Chat, you will likely hear the alert sound that is sent every time you send and receive IMs on Facebook. After awhile, this sound can flood your office or home, much to the chagrin of others around you. The good news is you can turn it off through the settings menu.

  • Contact List: While you can always access the Facebook Chat contacts list by clicking the “Online Friends” tab at the bottom of the Facebook screen, some users prefer leaving the list open by enabling the third option on the settings menu, “Keep Online Friends Open.” This may, however, block content as you surf Facebook.

  • Contact Photos. Want to simplify your Facebook Chat list? Enabling the fourth option will turn off photos on your Online Friends list and list names only.
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