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What is #ff on Twitter?

Twitter's Follow Friday (#ff) Explained


What is #ff on Twitter?
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Does it seem like every Friday, you can't get on Twitter without seeing #ff? If you are left wondering just what is #ff, you are not alone.

Follow Friday Explained

Each Friday, Twitter users utilize the hashtag #ff to recognize the tweeters they follow in a online event known as Follow Friday. Anytime you see a friend or entity you know share a Twitter user's screenname (for example, @imguide), followed by #ff, this is their way of sharing with the world that they not only approve of their tweet content, but hope you will follow them on Twitter, as well.

How to Engage in #ff

Unlike some other trendy Internet memes, like Wordless Wednesday, #ff requires no registration. Bring yourself, a few minutes of your time, and a free Twitter account, if you are not already connected.

Here is how to get started with your first Follow Friday:

  • Pick Some Friends, or Followees. If you read anything notable, humorous, or something that your like, they are a good candidate for some #ff love. Copy their Twitter screennames down.

  • Start Your #ff Tweet. Next, start typing those screennames into the Twitter field provided, or using a Twitter app. Don't forget to add the @ at symbol before their screenname, and separate them with a comma. For example, @imguide, @aboutdotcom, @abouttoys, etc. etc.

  • Add Your #ff Hashtag. Finally, before getting to the 140-character limit, make sure to add the #ff hashtag to the end of the tweet. Just type it in at the end. Those in the know will understand.
That's it! You have now participated in your first Follow Friday!

If you run into the problem of having too many people to #ff, start another tweet! There are no rules to Follow Friday--just have fun!

Follow Friday of the Week
Want to see my top picks for the best of Twitter? Each week, I am announcing my pick for Follow Friday (#ff) of the Week right here on About.com. Check out my own Follow Friday list here.

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