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Launching Free Video Chats on IM

IM Clients Offering Free Video Chat Support


Looking to share free video chats with friends and family with your webcam? While free chat rooms are well known to many, new IM users might be surprised to find their favorite IM clients also offer free video chats, too.

Using your webcam to launch free video chats is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones far away or even right around the corner!

What You Need for Free Video Chats

Typically, all IM users need to take advantage of free video chats on IM are:
  • a webcam
  • a microphone
  • Internet connection (Broadband and above recommended)
  • IM client supporting video webcam chat

Ensure your webcam and microphone are setup and in good working order before launching your IM client, then follow the easy instructions provided below to launch a free video chat.

IM Client Free Video Chat Instructions

Looking for free chat rooms? Check out our list of Best Free Chat Rooms on IM.

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