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3 Ways to Access Your Facebook Chat History Logs


Facebook Chat
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Want to search your Facebook Chat history? While your favorite social network does not have an official history feature, there are three ways to access logs from your chats with Facebook friends.

While some of these options will require a download to access your Facebook Chat history in the future, others are available right from your account.

3 Ways to Check Facebook Chat History

1.) Check the Chat Window

In the current Facebook Chat, users can use the "Clear Window" link at the top of your chat window to clear out old messages.

However, users who do not utilize this feature leave their chat history behind in Facebook Chat. In order to explore Facebook Chat history with this method, a specific contact must be signed in to read the history.

  • Click the Facebook Chat tab, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Open the Chat window for your contact.
  • Use the scrollbar to view Facebook Chat history.

Note: Clearing Internet files via your web browser may erase Facebook Chat history, as described in this method.

2.) Open Your Messages

With Facebook's new Messaging feature, Facebook Chat history, messages and email are now accessible through the Messages inbox. Users can choose to now archive messages, rather than delete them, allowing for a log of your Facebook Chat conversations to be recorded in your inbox.

  • Click the Facebook Messages inbox, located at the top left-hand corner (in the center).
  • Use the search bar on the right-hand side to search for Facebook Chat history with a particular contact.
  • Click the "Archived" link at the bottom of the Messages inbox to view old chat history and messages.

3.) Install a Facebook Chat History App

Finally, users can install a free Facebook Chat history application for their web browser. Firefox and Google Chrome users can install the Facebook Chat History Manager, which I think is the best free logger for this particular social network. Simply install the app, and your chats are now accessible outside your account with a click of a button.

Facebook Chat History Manager for Firefox
This illustrated tutorial will have you set to access your Facebook Chat history within minutes on Firefox.

Facebook Chat History Manager for Chrome
Manage your own Facebook Chat logs from Chrome with this 7-step tutorial, illustrating how to install this free application to your web browser.

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