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Ever sign online to find none of your friends were online to talk over instant message? Lucky for you, we have compiled six of the best IM clients offering a wide variety of free chat rooms and webcam chat opportunities on the Internet.

Whether you are looking to chat with friends locally, looking for love or romance, want to discuss the news or sports, or even swap recipes, you can certainly find all that and more in chat rooms from these clients:

  • Free Video Chats on IM: Grab your webcam and get ready to connect face-to-face. A number of IM clients now offer exciting free video chat features which bring people together beyond the standard text-based messages. Learn how to launch a video chat here.
  • AIM Chat: Once a popular feature of America's most popular IM clients, AIM Chat is now a beloved feature of AOL Desktop. Literally hundreds of different topics and local online chat rooms means more people to meet and talk to. Learn how to join an AIM Chat here.
  • Google Talk: While Google's IM client doesn't offer pre-set chat rooms, Party Chat, a third-party application, offers Google Talk users the chance to launch their own personalized chat rooms. Learn how to create a Party Chat for Gtalk here.
  • Gmail: Want to share a conversation with your webcam and microphone? Gmail's Audio/Webcam Chat Plugin makes webcam chats easy, right from the comfort of your Gmail inbox. Launch a Webcam in Gmail.

  • Meebo: One of the best web-based IM clients also offers one of the largest networks of client and user-created chat rooms. Check out Meebo Rooms and meet new people today. Chat in Meebo Rooms Now.
  • MySpaceIM: MySpace's own IM client also offers social networking users the chance to connect in MySpaceIM Chat Room, a dedicated online web chat for members of MySpace. Explore MySpaceIM Chat Room.
  • Yahoo Chat: Yahoo! Messenger's most popular feature, the Yahoo! chat rooms have been reconfigured to offer a more secure, less Spam-polluted experience. More talk, less worries on Yahoo! Chat. Find a Yahoo! Chat.
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