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AIM Chat Directory Guide

Learn How to Use the AIM Chat Directory


AIM Chat users rely on the AIM Chat Directory, also known as AOL Chat Room Listings, to find their favorite free chat rooms. But, in addition to being just a directory of AIM Chat rooms, did you know it also contains many other features?

Learn more about the AIM Chat Directory with this guide to the AIM Chat gateway:

How to Access the AIM Chat Directory
Need to use the AIM Chat Directory? Learn how to access this list of AIM chat rooms with this illustrated tutorial for AOL Desktop 9.6.

Anatomy of the AIM Chat Directory
New to AIM Chat? Beginners can learn more about what's inside the AIM Chat Directory with this illustrated tutorial, including search functions, AIM chat room options, and more.

AIM Chat Directory Categories
Explore the 30 categories of AIM chat rooms available exclusively through the AIM Chat Directory on AOL Desktop.

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