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The Big List of Consequences - School-Age Children - About.com
The purpose of a consequence for misbehavior is for the child to look at the result of their behavior and learn from it. The Big List of Consequences will give you ...
6 Ways to Make Consequences More Effective
It's quite often that parents enter into my therapy office to tell me that “ consequences just don't work” with their child. Whether they're using time out or taking ...
Discipline with Teens Logical and Natural Consequences - About.com
How consequences are used in discipline with teens. How to distinguish between logical and natural consequences. Learn about consequences and teens ...
Natural Consequences as a Discipline Strategy - About.com
Natural consequences are an excellent discipline strategy to teach children and teenagers to recognize possible consequences of their behaviors.
Logical Consequences as an Effective Discipline Strategy
Logical consequences can be a great discipline strategy and an effective way to teach kids how to manage their behaviors better.
The Cost of the Savings and Loan Crisis: Truth and Consequences
and Loan Crisis: Truth and Consequences by Timothy Curry and Lynn Shibut*. FDIC Banking Review. 26. It has been more than a decade since enactment of.
Consequences vs Punishment in Classroom Discipline
Consequences are an important part of the behavior management plan for your classroom, whether it is a self contained special education classroom, ...
Logical Consequences: An Effective Way to Discipline Teens
Logical consequences are the consequences that are most closely related to the behavior. They work well because your teen will remember why he received ...
Discipline Kids with Positive and Negative Consequences
The consequences kids receive for their behaviors determines how likely they are to repeat that behavior. This is true for both positive and negative behaviors.
Consequences for Teenage Misbehavior - Discipline - About.com
Discipline needs change as kids grow older. It's important to use effective consequences for teens when they misbehave to ensure they'll have all the skills they ...
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